Snet Systems has built up experience and know-how of combining diverse sensor technologies and IP Network through various business projects in RFID, sensor networks and home network since 2005.
Based on our IoT related experience, Snet Systems provides customized IoT solution and service to various fields as follows.

Smart city which controls traffic, environment, safety and energy

Smart factory

Service application of the campus, hospital, amusement parks, shopping and advertising


Consulting : Connected devices (sensor, communication protocol, smart-device/platform connection), IoT service modeling

Infrastructure : Sensor, Sensor-node, Gateway, Wire/Wireless Communications, and Data Center

Operating Control : Integrated Control (facilities control, sensing data monitoring)

Solution : Location Positioning Analysis (indoor navigation)

Project reference

Demonstration project of MSIP’s Smart City

Service project of Digital Seoul 2020 (IoT)

Infrastructure and service-connection projects of traffic private network (wireless Mesh) in Seoul-si

Establishment of USN (RFID)-based cultural property security management system

Establishment of the history management system for livestock and cultural properties

Establishment of automated guidance system of a museum and science museum